Excerpts from a work in progress

Tim Reeves: The Unity Trilogy

Book 1: Timeless Informational Connection (TIC)

The mechanism behind all ESP and spiritual experience

Book 2: Nothing and Everything

Personal transformation, non-identification and compassion in relationship

Book 3: The underlying nature of existence

TIC and Physics, Foundation of Spacetime, Morphic Resonance, Mind over Matter, Sentience, Consciousness, Determinism, Models of Existence

Based on possibilities seen in modern physics, an important part of the trilogy proposes how all the phenomena of extrasensory perception could function. This is the foundation for further topics such as exercises in ESP, stages of spiritual progress, aspects of human life, sentience and consciousness, determinism, models of existence, and more. Therefore I first link to the short explanation of TIC – Timeless Informational Connection – it is written as an acronym in other excerpts which would otherwise be incomprehensible. Below that is a very basic article. The other excerpts are in alphabetical order.

  1. Family – a biological fact, but a problematic concept
  2. Family constellations
  3. Needs and desires, Personality, Identification
  4. New Age Religions
  5. The concert hall (an analogy for enlightened experience in everyday life)